Our sleepover at school

Last summer we had a sleepover at school. On this day, we met at 6 pm at school. First, we prepared our sleeping places. Then we had dinner together. We ate pizza. It was very tasty. After that, we went outside and played different games. For example, hide and seek and rope skipping. It was a team competition. Miss Clauss asked us many questions about Munich and English Vocabulary. Miss Brandl asked us questions in Maths. At the end the boys team won. In the evening, we watched a movie. It was funny. After that, we cleaned our teeth and went to bed. It was a bit scary in school at night. But we were tired so we slept very well. In the morning, we all had breakfast together. There was a lot of nice food. Our sleepover at school was awesome. 

Verfasser: Maleka Sabir (6 a)

Fotos: Eva Clauss

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